The Darkness of the Womb

The Darkness of the Womb

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Interview With ToThe Swift Author, Missy Michaels

Today, we interview author, Missy Michaels to talk about her novel, To The Swift. Hello Missy. Can you tell us about your book? Loving the title, by the way. 

Thank you for the compliment on my title! My novel tells the story of Daniel and Monica LeBlanc. When they marry, they barely know each other.  Despite their different backgrounds the couple builds a happy loving marriage. After the birth of their three children and almost ten years into their marriage Daniel develops a weakness for alcohol. Monica loves Daniel but she is fed up with his drinking and decides to leave the marriage. In an attempt to save their relationship they move to Memphis, TN from Louisiana. They make friends but one of their new friends sets a goal to destroy exactly what Daniel and Monica are trying to save.

Nice, sounds juicy. Why did you decide to set the novel in Memphis, TN? That's an interesting location.

 I chose Memphis, TN because I have lived in the city before and I really like the music, the food, Beale Street and the city’s history. I am a fan of Beale Street, Memphis barbecue and the Riverfront.

 Yes. I hear the barbecue in Memphis is sensational. Let's talk about your book's length. At 205 pages, it's a brisk read. Was that a conscious decision to not make it too long? 

 Actually, it wasn’t. I was just watching the story unfold before my eyes.

Fair enough. :) Now tell us about yourself. What's Fort Hood, Texas like? 

My dad switched to the civilian life when I was 2 years old so me and my siblings actually grew up in Springfield, MO. It’s a small city in the Midwest and it was a great place to grow up. I was a quiet skinny kid who loved to read. I was in Girl Scouts in elementary school. By junior high I was involved in journalism and running on the track team in relays. In high school I was on the school newspaper staff, the yearbook staff, marching band and a sprinter for our track team. Springfield, MO has the distinction of being the original location of the Bass Pro Shops. When I was in my 20’s and living in Dallas, TX I worked for a hotel that put our name and the city we were from on our name tags. Guests would always get excited when they saw Springfield, MO and mention the Bass Pro Shops.

Interesting. And I like that you did journalism back in school. I did, too! Now, your bio says that you have a lifelong fear of flying. Have you ever been on a plane? 

I haven’t yet and I’m actually trying to keep it that way. I’ve planned a few trips but I still haven’t gotten around to actually confirming the flight. Maybe one day. I do love road trips though.

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Who doesn't? Your bio also says that you love collecting Hot Wheels. Can you tell us what got you into collecting them?  

I have one daughter and two sons. When my sons were small they loved to play with Hot Wheels on their racetrack. When I was shopping for new cars with them I came across a Nestle Crunch Chevy Camaro and I was officially hooked. I have a cool looking collection.

 That is cool. I was always more of a Micro Machines guy myself growing up, though. Now let's talk about the protagonist of your book. How do you think you would fare if you were put into similar situations?  

I would most likely be under the care of a grief counselor and a psychologist.

Ha. Sounds like a lot of drama.  Some people have actually called your book a love story. Would you classify your book as romance or as something else entirely? 

I would not classify it as a romance. I was so surprised to see it referred to that way at first. There are characters who truly love each other and there are some scenes that are pretty hot. Initially I considered To the Swift as contemporary fiction.  After seeing how readers respond to the story I would reclassify it as romantic suspense.

Hmm. Romantic suspense. I like it. Is there anything else you would like to talk about or plug?  

Yes, on the subject of writing, I’m working on a ghost story and I’m also writing another novel that will bring back some of the characters from To the Swift. That actually was not my original intent but I actually received some messages on my Facebook page practically demanding it. On a personal note, I’m learning to speak French. So far I’m totally prepared if anyone needs for me to count to 10 en francais! I am also a very proud parent. My daughter recently graduated from Tarleton State University, my oldest son just recently enlisted in the military, he’s now a soldier at Fort Sill, OK and my youngest is starting his senior year of high school this fall. And I want to request that everyone who sees this interview, check out To the Swift! I think you’ll enjoy it. 

I think so, too. Thanks for the interview, Missy. 

You're welcome. Thank you.

As posted before, you can find Missy's book here.  

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