The Darkness of the Womb

The Darkness of the Womb

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Review of Lucky Girl By Violet Ivy

Lucky Girl: How I Survived the Sex Industry is a book about sex, but it doesn't feel too dirty, which is good, because I'm not sure I could sit through an entire book about sexual exploits. It would get tiresome after awhile, just like porn itself. But luckily, Violet Ivy, who tells her tale from being a topless model, to a stripper, to a call girl, is charming. She speaks with an easy-going attitude that carries you throughout the story. Many times, I got swept away in her life and wanted to know more about how nasty or weird some of her clients were (One of them liked to pretend he was a bird when he had sex). It's really quite insightful, and it's interesting to hear how a call girl looks at not only the industry, but also at herself as well. Early on, you can tell she's uncomfortable with her body and is actually surprised that people would pay good money to see her naked. That takes emotional depth, and a more spiteful person might have ranted about how all men are pigs. But all throughout, you never get a sense that Violet Ivy is cynical, which is refreshing. This is a woman who truly loves her job.

That said, if I have a complaint about the book, it's that it's a bit too long. Some of the chapters could have been excluded and didn't need to be so detailed. Also, since I was reading it on my Kindle, I actually wish there were some images to break up the text. I'm not saying anything too racy, but for a book about sex, a few pictures could have gone a long way.

Still, I liked this book and highly recommend it. I'll be interviewing the author very soon, so stay tuned for that.

Four out of Five stars

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